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Sutton Impact

The Political Cartoons of Ward Sutton

by Ward Sutton


A full-color trouncing of the Bush Dynasty from cult-favorite Village Voice cartoonist Ward Sutton, Sutton Impact brings together for the first time the artist's hilarious, irreverent social commentary and his vivid poster art. More than two hundred pieces document the flights and folly of an era, from politics to popular music, excoriating the USA PATRIOT Act, John Ashcroft's evangelical songwriting, the Democrats domestic blunders, and much more.

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“I love Ward Sutton's smart, sharp, funny cartoons. In these grim horrific times, the satiric hilarity of Sutton Impact will cheer you up slightly.”

“If Ward Sutton weren't so creepily accurate with his cartoons, I would be doubled over with laughter still.”

“Ward Sutton's satire doesn't just bite, it maims. He's the perfect cartoonist for our discordant times.”


Ward Sutton's work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, the Nation, George, Esquire, Time, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, the New Republic, Premiere, and elsewhere. His weekly strip ran in the Village Voice for twenty years. He lives in Manhattan.