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Why Chinese Communists Make Better Capitalists Than We Do

by Loretta Napoleoni

Book cover for Maonomics
Book cover for MaonomicsBook cover for Maonomics

Translated by Stephen Twilley

The end of the cold war was thought to signal the triumph of Western capitalism over Communism. In Maonomics: Why Chinese Communists Make Better Capitalists Than We Do, Napoleoni argues just the opposite: what we are witnessing instead is the beginning of the collapse of capitalism and the victory of "communism with a profit motive." Maonomics charts the prodigious ascent of the Chinese economic miracle and the parallel course of the West's ongoing insistence on misconstruing China and its economy even as we acknowledge its growing influence and importance. Here Loretta Napoleoni offers a front row seat on the greatest show on earth: the peaceful economic revolution that is shifting the balance of power in the world from West to East.

Book cover for Maonomics
Book cover for MaonomicsBook cover for Maonomics

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“… In urging the West to abandon its prejudices and fundamentally rethink its ideology, [Loretta Napoleoni] is asking the right questions.”

“With her hands on China's skull, Napoleoni can map the phrenology of a billion and a half Chinese minds as they struggle with the complex contradictions of this new and still-churning mix of capitalism and communism. . . . If you want to understand the force that will direct your children and your children's children, read this book. Twice.”

Loretta Napoleoni photographed by Gianluca Moretto

A woman of the Left who garners praise from Noam Chomsky and Greg Palast at the same time as she is quoted respectfully in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, LORETTA NAPOLEONI was born in 1955 in Rome. In the mid 1970s she became an active member of the feminist movement in Italy, and later studied as a Fulbright Scholar at Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC. She began her career as an economist, and went on to work as London correspondent and columnist for La Stampa, La Repubblica and La Paîs. Napoleoni is the author of the international bestsellers Rogue Economics: Capitalism’s New Reality and Terror Incorporated: Tracing the Money Behind Global Terrorism. She has served as Chairman of the countering terrorism financing group for the Club de Madrid, and lectures regularly around the world on economics, money laundering and terrorism. Napoleoni lives in London and Montana.

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