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Foreword by Jon J. Salem and James M. Salem

Lovely Me: The Life of Jacqueline Susann is Barbara Seaman's pioneering biography of the author of Valley of the Dolls, The Love Machine, and other mega-sellers. It examines the life of a woman who exhibited amazing strength in every aspect of her life—from getting her writing published and promoted to fighting her ultimate adversary, breast cancer.


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“Riveting . . . beautifully written.”

“A mesmerizing narrative.”

“Packed with anecdotes, larded with gossip and dense with cultural complexity, Lovely Me will keep you laughing and pondering for a long time.”

“Seaman dishes out inside dope about Susann's roles in the greasepaint. Susann sexually zigged and zagged, and over the years acquired a tough hide, along with a butch reputation.”


One of the nation’s most tireless health advocates, Barbara Seaman (1935-2008) co-founded the National Women’s Health Network and pioneered a new style of health reporting that focused on patients’ rights. Her groundbreaking investigative book, The Doctor’s Case Against the Pill, prompted Senate hearings in the 1970s that led to a warning label on oral contraceptives and the drastic lowering of estrogen doses due to dangerous health effects. Dedicated to reaching a wide audience, Seaman wrote columns for Brides Magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Ms., inspiring women around the world to take control of their own health. Seaman was a founding advisory board member of and key advisor to Seven Stories Press.