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AIDS in Nepal

Communities Confronting an Emerging Epidemic

by Jill Hannum

Book cover for AIDS in Nepal
Book cover for AIDS in NepalBook cover for AIDS in Nepal

An AmFAR Book published in association with Seven Stories Press.

In 1993, the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR) began a three-year, community-based AIDS prevention program in 17 sites scattered throughout the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, with the objective of enabling people to protect themselves and their sexual partners against HIV/AIDS through information, education, and access to means of prevention. The program also aimed to reduce people's individual and collective vulnerability to HIV/AIDS through the teaching of literacy and other skills needed for alternate income generation.

In AIDS in Nepal: Communities Confronting An Emerging Epidemic, Jill Hannum presents the voices of people who are at the forefront of the response to HIV/AIDS in Nepal. She reveals the many discoveries that the community-based organizations made through their interaction with young people and adults across the country, as they opened a dialogue on sexuality and disseminated information on safer sexual behavior in culturally appropriate ways.

This book is a powerful resource for individuals and organizations concerned with community-based health and social development programs, both within and outside Nepal. It carries a message of hope as communities and those who support them demonstrate how they can respond effectively to an emerging epidemic.

Book cover for AIDS in Nepal
Book cover for AIDS in NepalBook cover for AIDS in Nepal

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JILL HANNUM is a freelance writer and editor focusing on issues related to HIV/AIDS. She is the author of AIDS in Nepal.