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Works of Radical Imagination

Did you know September is World Kid Lit Month? Launched in 2016 by global literature experts Marcia Lynx Qualey, Lawrence Schimel and Alexandra Büchler, World Kid Lit Month has since grown into an industry-wide celebration of diverse, international voices for children, teens, and young adults.

As the organizers explain,

World Kid Lit Month is a month to celebrate world literature for kids and teens, especially fiction and nonfiction translated to English from other languages.

On social media, in schools, libraries, bookshops and at home, September is the time to find out about global reading for young people. It’s a time to discuss why we should look beyond the books published in our own country and also how to find books first published elsewhere. Above all, it’s a dedicated time to shine a light on a vibrant and diverse area of children’s publishing which can be difficult to navigate. 

Below, we've shared some of our books for young people written by authors from all over the globe.

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