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Back in Print: Gary Indiana's HORSE CRAZY and GONE TOMORROW

September 18

by Allison Paller

Gary Indiana’s legendary novels HORSE CRAZY and GONE TOMORROW are finally back in print. Out September 18th, these long-awaited editions feature new introductions from Tobi Haslett and Sarah Nicole Prickett.

"[Horse Crazy] is a wonderful book. It really is a wonderful, beautiful, funny, breathtaking book. If it isn’t, then I don’t care for books that are." —Keith Ridgway

"[Horse Crazy] is what Love in the Time of Cholera is like for real." —Angela Carter

"Unlike the majority of pointedly AIDS-era novels, Gone Tomorrow is neither an amoral nostalgia fest nor a thinly veiled wake-up call hyping the religion of sobriety. It’s a philosophical work devised by a writer who’s both too intelligent to buy into the notion that a successful future requires the compromise of collective decision and too moral to accept bitterness as the consequence of an adventurous life." —Dennis Cooper

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